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Micro Market: Fuel Your Team With A Self-Pay Food and Beverage Store

Get a State Of the Art Micro Market for Your Office, School, Hospital, or Manufacturing/Distribution Facility

…The level of service they have provided has been so good that we did not hesitate to renew our agreement with them… – Alfred Padilla, Facility Manager – C.R. England Trucking

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40+ Years in Business • Thousands of Customers Served

Get a Micro Market and Improve Your Break Room DRAMATICALLY

Is your office staff tired of the same old options? Limited availability of great-tasting, healthy food? Annoying and outdated purchase options?

A Micro Market is the answer. It’s self-service retail in your break room that employees will LOVE. Picture a mini 7/11 with self checkout that you don’t have to manage.

  • Many fresh and healthy food options available.

  • Restocked handled by our team and high-tech systems.

  • Easy and simple service. Select your items and check out.

  • Wide variety of snacks, candy, food, beverages, and more.

  • Employee credit and incentive programs.

Happy Employees!

Great Benefits

Subsidized snack programs

When you provide a great, affordable option to your employees, they’re more likely to stay for lunch and build workplace culture. Subsidizing healthy, in-house snack choices benefits everyone.

Offer credits to your employees and use your Micro Market as a valuable incentive system!

Man and Women enjoying snacks from a micro market

How Will a Micro Market Work in My Location?

We get this question a lot. And we’re ready to work with you and your space to make it the best and most enjoyable setup possible.

Custom fit micro market in an office

Custom Fit to Your Space

Our water filtration systems have a fixed cost, no matter how much water you consume (especially during the summer months!)

Quick Café Go Plus

Easy, Modern Payment Systems

Our team of experts handles all cleaning, maintenance, and filter changes for your filtered water dispensers, ensuring you always have fresh water.

+ Many More Popular Brands and Products

Get Items Your Employees Want

With several different levels of water filtration service available, we can tailor the system to meet your specific needs—all while remaining cost-efficient and easy to maintain.

Getting a Micro Market is Easier Than You Think

Relax, we do this all the time. Reach out and we’ll get you a quote and step by step plan to getting a Micro Market set up.

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Get Your Micro Market Set Up

We’ll handle getting equipment in your space. You just sit back and enjoy the fact that you’re doing a great job of taking care of your team.

Step 3

Your Team Loves You

Taking care of employees well is no small task. Bringing a Micro Market to your team is a GREAT way to care for them and bring excitement to the office.

Not sure about if a Micro Market would work in your space? We get it. Just write out your concerns in your Quote Request and we’ll help make sure your location can have a Micro Market.

Vending prodiver

Dedicated Team!

This is who we are:

Dependable Break Room Solutions, at Your Service

We don’t rest until your water needs are met.

At Dependable Break Room Solutions you’ll find a dedicated team of professionals. Since 1979, we have been offering the latest equipment and most popular products to Inland Empire area businesses.

Real Success from People Like You

We understand what it means to want the best for your business. We have the same goal. When your employees and clients are well taken care of, we’re happy.

Jamila M. Thompson, Facilities Specialist – RAND Corporation

“I highly recommend Dependable. Dependable has handled our vending needs for almost a year. Their punctual and timely delivery has been very beneficial to our company. And their wireless technology feature is incredible. I am able to see what products are in each of our machines in real-time…. Dependable makes us feel like we are their #1 priority, which is rare for a company to do.”

Stephen Kilburn, Director of Food & Nutrition – Pomona Hospital Medical Center

“Product availability is well maintained for variety and freshness. Dependable consistently meets our needs for our wellness program. Great response to equipment maintenance needs that rarely occur. It is a great working relationship.

You’ve got Micro Market questions. We’ve got answers.

Can I put money onto my employee’s accounts?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

The short answer is, yes. We have many customers that subsidize the employee’s market cards. This can be done automatically on a monthly basis and you can also put daily spend restrictions on their account in order to make sure those funds get spread out over the month.

How much space do I need?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

The size of your micro market is pretty much limitless depending on the needs of your location. The smallest micro market we offer is 106 inches, but it is recommended you have at least 170 inches in continuous width and 80 inches in height in order to get the full experience associated with a micro market.

What is the biggest benefit of a market?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

The single most important benefit of a micro market is the increased variety of food and beverage options. The food options improve drastically because we no longer have to fit the item into a vending machine. We are able to offer a full array of healthy snacks & drinks, fresh food options that range from a full meal to a quick bite, and many other additional items you would only normally only see at a convenience store.

What happens if there is theft?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

Dependable monitors all micro market vending theft so the customer does not have to manage this. Dependable completes weekly inventories of all micro markets and notifies the location if any variance is above the threshold.

Will my employee information be secure?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

Dependable Break Room Solutions only utilizes the best kiosk providers, such as Avanti & Vendor’s Exchange International. All data is encrypted and you can rest assured that your employee’s information will be kept safe!

Do you offer training for my staff?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

Yes, when we install a retail market inside of your break room, we will have someone on site to train your staff during all major break times and shifts.

What is a Micro Market?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

A micro market is an unattended retail store that is placed inside of a break room (Just imagine a 7/11 in your lunch room).  A micro market is comprised of coolers & freezers, fixtures, and an unattended kiosk where consumers can pay for their product.

Employees will LOVE your Micro Market. Get started with a quote from our team.

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