Catering for any event!

Whether you need a catered meal to say thank you for your employees hard work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner…we have you covered.  Dependable’s catering partner offers a large variety of options to meet your budget, taste, and needs.  Whether you want it to be dropped off and self-serve or have our team come on site and handle it all, we have different options to meet your needs.


Since we are an approved vendor, it makes billing and invoicing with us a breeze. We already have the contacts and relationships in place, so no need to track down a corporate card to pay for a meal!


The most frustrating part about office deliveries for large facilities is figuring out where the delivery needs to go. Since Dependable already is on site, we know where the break room is and who to drop the product off with!


Working with a new vendor always has it's difficulties. Since we are already a trusted partner of yours, you can have peace of mind working with us knowing the quality of work we provide!

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catering food

Let us customize the single-cup solution that will set your office apart in the Southern California area.