We are now a couple weeks into January and the excitement for this new year is palpable. New Year’s resolutions and goals are still a hot topic and people welcome a fresh start. It’s the right time to start implementing those business plans and goals made months ago. But, it’s also not too late to create new ones!

Goal Setting

What makes a great goal? Many have found success using the SMART method. When setting goals it’s important they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Goals are designed to stretch you and should not set you up for failure.

Put your business goals to the test. Are they SMART? Are you looking to increase productivity? Improve customer service? Boost employee morale? Entrepreneur.com published a great article titled “4 New Year’s Resolutions Your Business Should Make“. It outlines some great ideas in creating a fresh start for your business in the new year. It highlights two vital priorities in growing any business: better customer service and increased productivity.

Goal Achievement

Dependable Break Room Solutions offers practical solutions in achieving these two business goals. To enhance your customer service, you must first define who your customer is. They may include more than those you do business with. Don’t overlook those within your own company including people in different departments or teams you work with on a day-to-day basis. Why not give great service by providing perks throughout their workday such as snacks, beverages, or even full meal options? We can help! Consider our vending services, micro markets, and even pantry service.

What about increasing productivity? Have you considered ways to become more efficient with the technology used and methods implemented? What about setting a practical goal of meeting your employees’ basic everyday needs? One way to meet these needs is providing a coffee service that helps boost their energy with caffeine. Or, offer healthy snacks free of charge. Healthy snacks not only help in the short term by offering sustenance but also in the long term with boosting their immune systems and reducing the number of sick days taken.

These are just a few practical suggestions to help you achieve your goals in 2020. It’s now time to take advantage and look to achieve your SMART goals with a fresh start.

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