Qualifications of Dependable

Why Should You Choose Dependable?

We’ve been serving people like you for over 40 years. Through investments in technology and care for our employees, Dependable has grown to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy food service companies around. Whether you depend on us for small orders or a large in-office micro-market, we’re committed to keeping your employees and guests well-fed and happy.

40+ Years of Experience

With over 40+ years of experience, Dependable has the experience to take care of you!

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Our experienced team takes care of thousands customers in the Southern California area, it is likely we service a customer nearby you.

Best-In-Class Technology

Dependable has invested heavily into technology to make sure that as our customer base grows, our service continues to stay strong!

Start experiencing consistent product deliveries that save time, shows your students you care, and helps you to focus on things that matter.