National Vending Management Services

Simple Large-Scale Vending Solution

Consolidate your break room programs by utilizing Dependable Break Room Solution’s national management services. Provide the same quality services across the country (no matter the size of your facility).

Vetted Service Providers

If you have multiple facilities across the country, Dependable will ensure that you will only get qualified and insured vendors for your break room.

Consolidated Payment

Trying to manage a large number of buildings across the country has it’s challenges if you are receiving commission from your equipment. Let Dependable put it all together for you in one easy to read commission statement.

Single Point of Contact

Dealing with multiple vendors and points of contact for each facility is a hassle, Dependable can be that universal point of contact for you.


As you grow across the country, Dependable can grow with you. Growing is hard enough, check break room services off of your list by working with Dependable.

Uniformed Services

Tired of hearing employees complain that one facility has better services in their break room than the other? Dependable can ensure that your services are uniformed at each facility across the country.

And More

By leveraging Dependable’s 40+ years in the business, you also get their state of the art technology and industry experience to ensure that your facility is getting the best possible service.

Start experiencing consistent break room service that saves time, shows your employees your care, and boosts office morale.