Employee Programs

Looking for a cost effective way to boost employee morale and retention? Dependable has many ways that we can partner with you in order to reward the team that takes care of your business. We have customized employee programs that meet the needs of your HR department, while also ensuring that the budget is not broken too.

Employees Around Table

Motivate and Encourage Your Employees

Motivate and Encourage Your Employees. We understand what it means to want the best for your employees. We’re experts in employee happiness and tenure. Great employee food options can help office moral tremendously.

Free Coffee

Providing free coffee to your team through a coffee vending machine is a wonderful way to say thank you. Don’t want to deal with the clean up, inventory, and mess that is associated with office coffee? A coffee vending machine is an efficient way to say thank you to your team and keep them energized throughout the day!

Vending Vouchers

Vending vouchers provide a great way to reward employees with a free item out of the vending machines. Whether they are following safety procedures, have perfect attendance, or you just appreciate them…vouchers are a great tool to voice your admiration of them at your company!


Reducing the cost of product down to your employees is a great way to reward their work ethic and keep them at the office during the lunch hour. A subsidy program allows you to lower the cost of the items to the employees in order to promote on site eating habits or create an environment that your employees look forward to being at!

Start experiencing consistent product deliveries that save time, shows your students you care, and helps you to focus on things that matter.