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Micro Market – Unattended Retail for your Workplace

Micro markets are a relatively new concept in traditional vending, and many are still unfamiliar with them. But they’re worth knowing about because micro markets could be the future of vending solution.

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What is a Micro Market?

A micro market is a self-serve kiosk that allows customers to purchase foods and beverages without going through a traditional checkout line. They’re typically found in office buildings and schools, but they could eventually start popping up in other locations. And if you think that this sounds like the vending machine on steroids, you’re right! Think of it as a mini convenience store!

A Micro Market has open shelves for snacks and candy, while separate coolers display a greater variety of beverages and fresh food options.

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How does a Micro Market work?

It’s pretty simple; the customer can choose from a wide variety of snacks, food items, and beverage products. Once they have selected the snack and drink they wish to purchase, they head to the self-checkout kiosk and pay, choosing one of its many payment options.

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How Can I Get A Micro Market In My Workplace?

It’s relatively simple! You contact one of our experts, and we will take care of the rest. We provide everything you need from beginning to end for a successful micro market installation! We take care of the installation, fill products and provide proper training on how it works. If you would like to get started, fill out our contact form today and let us help you bring delicious convenience to your employees!

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Snacks, drinks, energy drinks, soda, unattended workplace retail