Self Serve Kiosk Based Sales for Your Break Room

Blow the doors off of traditional vending. Meet the newest break room refreshment delivery service – micro-markets. These open-concept, artfully designed mini-stores have open shelves for snacks and candy while separate coolers display a greater variety of beverages and food than traditional vending machines allow. Employees love being able to pick up and look at items before they buy and with hundreds of product options to choose from, there is sure to be something for everything.

Micro-markets require virtually no service calls, eliminate lost money/refund hassles and come completely customized to fit your location. A state-of-the-art self-checkout kiosk monitors product inventory levels and allows users to pay for their selections.

The Micro Market Experience

Increased Variety

100% Self Serve Store

Cashless System

Employee Reward Options

A fresh take on offering more food and drinks in your workplace.

Fresh Open Market in Southern California; Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.


See the different customized break rooms we have created. Let us create a custom mock-up for your break room!


Micro Markets, different from vending machines, offer a unique way to expand product offerings for your employees.


We offer a fresh market solution with state of the art security to give you peace of mind!

Employees Love the Open Concept and Greater Variety

Watch how the micro market experience is changing break rooms forever.

Healthy Options

Nutrient-rich selections are front and center in our well stocked micro-markets.

Improve Employee Efficiency

Having a place to refuel and recharge makes employees more productive.

Improve Corporate Culture

Employees feel valued when companies offer great tasting on site food options.

Fully Automated Inventory

Our online system creates specific restocking lists based on purchases.

Large Product Selections

Open shelves and glass coolers allow for a greater number of options.

Attractive Fixtures

Micro-markets bring sophistication to a company break room with appealing design.

Self Check-out Kiosks

Get 24/7 convenience by scanning and paying for options at our secure kiosk.

Subsidized Programs

We accommodate companies who wish to pay for products either in full or in part.

Work/Life Balance

Employees love being able to grab a quick necessity before they head home.

Let us customize your break room with a micro market that will set your office apart in the Southern California area.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is, yes. We have many customers that subsidize the employee’s market cards. This can be done automatically on a monthly basis and you can also put daily spend restrictions on their account in order to make sure those funds get spread out over the month.

Most micro market vending companies do not charge for a market if you have a certain amount of employees on site that will be using the market.

Yes, when we install a retail market inside of your break room, we will have someone on site to train your staff during all major break times and shifts.

The size of your micro market is pretty much limitless depending on the needs of your location. The smallest micro market we offer is 106 inches, but it is recommended you have at least 170 inches in continuous width and 80 inches in height in order to get the full experience associated with a micro market.

Dependable monitors all micro market vending theft so the customer does not have to manage this. Dependable completes weekly inventories of all micro markets and notifies the location if any variance is above the threshold.

A micro market is an unattended retail store that is placed inside of a break room (Just imagine a 7/11 in your lunch room).  A micro market is comprised of coolers & freezers, fixtures, and an unattended kiosk where consumers can pay for their product.

The single most important benefit of a micro market is the increased variety of food and beverage options. The food options improve drastically because we no longer have to fit the item into a vending machine. We are able to offer a full array of healthy snacks & drinks, fresh food options that range from a full meal to a quick bite, and many other additional items you would only normally only see at a convenience store.

Dependable Break Room Solutions only utilizes the best kiosk providers, such as Avanti & Vendor’s Exchange International. All data is encrypted and you can rest assured that your employee’s information will be kept safe!