Student Store Beverage and Snack Delivery

Group of students in front of California school

Next Day Service, Low Delivery Minimums, and Robust Product Options!

Want your students to have access to a large variety of school approved snacks, water, juices, and sports drinks? By working with Dependable Break Room Solutions, you get access to next day service, low delivery minimums, and a robust variety of snacks and beverages to fill your student store.  Don’t worry about having a bunch of excess inventory, you will have a reliable partner in DBRS.

Consistency, finally.

Start experiencing a dependable snack and beverage delivery that reduces stress and lets you focus on what is important.

Equipment Support for your Store

We have the ability to install, maintain and support equipment for your student store.  We have trained technicians available to fix and maintain your equipment and our account managers can help with selection and type of equipment needed for your student store.  

Freezer Chest
Single Door Cooler
Single Door Coolers
Chips Holder for Student Store
Merchandising Racks
Professional Equipment Makes your Student Store convenient and easy to manage
Low Delivery Minimums
Increased Product Options
Flexible Payment Options

Step 1

A regional sales representative will work with you to go over your needs and help develop a beverage and snack  delivery program that fits your unique facility and budget.

Step 2

Enjoy regular deliveries using our online web portal to place orders. Our route drivers will deliver the product directly to your store.

Step 3

Never worry about running out of something again! Never worry about driving last minute to the store for that company party or for a meeting.

We can customize the program using hundreds of products in our warehouse.

Start experiencing consistent product deliveries that save time, shows your students you care, and helps you to focus on things that matter.