Ice Machine Rentals

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Rent an Ice Machine

Taking care of your employees can be as simple as getting them an ice machine in the lunch room. Whether you are working in a warehouse or an office during the heat of a California summer, having a cold beverage will keep your employees hydrated and productive during the work day. Rather than purchasing an expensive ice machine that will require a lot of maintenance, let Dependable install one and take the hassle out of providing ice to your employees.

Ice Machine

Ice Machine Leasing

Leasing an ice machine requires a lot less work for your team and ensures that your team has a functional unit around the clock during those hot periods in the summer. Ice machine repair companies will charge you an arm and a leg to fix a company owned unit and, if the unit breaks down, you are left at the mercy of when they have time in their schedule to fix it.

Ice Machines

Ice Machine Locations

We lease and service ice machines all through the southern California region. This includes ice machine leasing for hotels, restaurants, distribution centers, offices, break rooms, lunch areas, cafeterias, kitchens, call centers, and many more types of locations as well. As long as you have electric, a water connection, and a floor drain…we can get an ice machine installed very easily.

3 Key Benefits to Renting an Ice Machine


When your employees can cool off at a break and stay hydrated, they are able to function better on the job.

Maintenance Free

By using Dependable to install, maintain, and service your ice machine…you take the hassle out of the equation.


Renting an ice machine is much cheaper than purchasing a unit! In addition, knowing the right unit to purchase!

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