The Right Choice for Healthier You™

Empowering employees to make healthy choices is important in today’s business. Finding a healthy vending company to support that initiative is the key to make that program successful.  Dependable Break Room Solutions is here to help provide your team with a solution that meets the growing needs of your workforce.

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Healthy Vending Company

Having a wellness program in your office can be as simple as partnering with Dependable.  We can work with you to dedicate 20-30% of the vending machine(s) towards healthier options and provide you with a corporate wellness program without you having to do any of the leg-work.  Dependable is a premier healthy vending company.  

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Healthy Highways Program

The Healthy Highway logo makes it easy to identify better-for-you items that have met nutritional requirements within the healthy vending machine or snack vending machine.  The program also allows our customers to contact a dietitian to answer questions about nutritional questions and wellness programs.  Our snack machines come equipped with green labels to identify specific healthier options for your employees.  

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Better Choices


Fresh Options

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Healthy Snacks

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Gluten Free

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Protein Packed

Start experiencing consistent breakroom service that saves time, shows your employees your care, and boosts office morale.