Quik Café

Customized Breakroom Options with Micro Markets

Custom Micro Market Fixtures

Depending on the size of your facility, we have the ability to completely customize a micro market to fit your break room. We are able to partner with you whether you are trying to improve an existing break area or moving into an entirely new lunch room, we have the knowledge and experience to get you a completely customized micro market.

Creature Culture

Design your micro market fixtures in a way that promotes the company’s culture.

Customize a New Break Room

Our design team can work with your marketing department to build the market according to new break rooms needs.

Fresh Start

Installing a customized market can drastically improve an existing break room’s vibe.

Custom office Micro Market With Office Logo
Custom office Micro Market With Kiosks
single vendor
Custom small office Micro Market
Custom office Micro Market With Drink Vending Machines
break room solutions

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