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Office Water Filtration

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Provide your employees with great-tasting filtered water. We offer a variety of water filter systems like bottleless cooler systems, countertop water dispensers, reverse osmosis systems, and much more!

What Water Filtration System is Right for Your Workplace?

Water Filtration

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Our filtration systems are designed to provide superior-quality drinking water that meets any need or requirement. With several different levels of break room water filtration available, we can tailor the system to meet your specific needs – all while remaining cost-efficient and easy to maintain

Water Filtration Cleaning and Maintenance

Our team of experts handles all cleaning, maintenance, and filter changes for your filtered water dispensers, ensuring you always have fresh water.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best service 24 hours a day! With us, you can rely on crisp and refreshing water whenever you need it.

Water Filtration Experts

Investing in a water filtration system from Dependable Break Room Solutions is the perfect way to ensure that your break room is always stocked with clean, fresh-tasting water.

Our knowledgeable professionals use the latest technology and expertise to ensure your water filters remain in peak condition and you receive the highest performance out of your system. We are dedicated to providing the best service, so any issues or concerns you have will be taken care of promptly and efficiently.

With our help, you can enjoy great-tasting water for years without worrying about contaminants or other unwanted particles. Invest in one of our efficient water filtration systems today, and rest assured that your breakroom will always be stocked with clean, refreshing water that tastes great!

Water filtration

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will match the proper water filtration unit to the needs of your workplace

Start experiencing consistent product deliveries that save time, shows your students you care, and helps you to focus on things that matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer bottled water delivery too?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

We do provide bottled water delivery service as well. There are a number of reasons for this. One of the reasons is simply that some locations do not have access to a water line in certain parts of their warehouse or workplace. We also understand that even if a water line is available, some still prefer and/or need bottled water. It’s just a bit more costly.

What specifically do your water filters remove from the water?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

Rated for 3,000 gallons, our water filters reduce the presence of dirt, rust, and other debris as small as 1-micron to assure clean, clear, great-tasting water. Furthermore, we replace all water filters every six months for all hot and cold water dispensers. We provide continual maintenance ensuring each filter performs as they should.

Should I buy or rent a water cooler?2022-11-30T16:52:03-08:00

In theory, it is more cost-effective to purchase and maintain your own bottleless water cooler. However, as a business you have to weigh the cost and consider the alternative. By selecting a water filtration service you can count on the following.

  1. Reliability of a consistently working water filtration system with an endless water supply (essential for your employees, especially in those hot summer months)
  2. Enjoy regular, routine maintenance of purchasing/swapping water filters.
  3. Do away with the headache of having to fix a cooler if it goes down.
  4. Eliminate the risk of flooding by renting a water filtration system installed by an expert instead of self installation.
What is reverse osmosis?2022-11-30T16:52:04-08:00

Reverse osmosis is a water purifying process that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove undesirable molecules and large particles such as contaminants and sediments like chlorine, scale, and dirt from drinking water. And bonus, it makes your drinking water delicious.

What are the benefits of water filtration over bottled water?2022-11-30T16:52:04-08:00

Drinking water systems (water cooler) rentals are a superior alternative to traditional five-gallon water dispensers. There are several benefits to renting a water filtration system.

    1. No need to store large quantities of five-gallon bottles and the racks.
    2. Eliminate the liability that comes with placing those heavy five-gallon bottles on top of the water dispensers.
    3. Guarantee continuous cold water during hot summer months without needing to replace any bottles once they are empty.
Is water filtration cheaper than bottled water?2022-11-30T16:52:04-08:00

The short answer is yes, having a water delivery company bring five-gallon bottles to your warehouse or workplace on a schedule is more costly. Water cooler rentals have a fixed fee. This means no matter how much water you consume (especially during the summer months), you will have a fixed cost. Endless water supply with a water filtration system allows you to drink water more frequently without giving it a second thought. It truly is the way to go in order to cut costs long term.