Fresh Food Means Lunch Can Happen at Work

Fresh food is a great option when your runs multiple shifts, especially with our exceptional menu variety. We have food to meet every taste palate including better-for-you options that are low fat, low calorie, high protein, GMO, gluten free, vegan, and more. We even rotate seasonal favorites into our food vending machines to keep the choices exciting. We have salads, pitas, tacos, burritos, sandwiches, pastas, wraps, and many more exciting options available at all times in our food vending machines.

Fresh Food Vending

Fresh can be Convenient

Employees love our fresh food vending machine programs. From great tasting salads to home-style sandwiches, we have a flavorful menu that keeps your staff satisfied and on-site. Productivity will no longer be lost by employees needing to leave for meals thanks a fresh food vending machine from Dependable.

Fresh Food

Fresh Food Options

Our food vending machines come equipped with a large variety of options to meet the needs of your team. The equipment is stocked daily with fresh orange juice, muffins, milk, frozen burritos and pizzas, tv dinners, over 75 different fresh food options, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, and many other options to keep your team at work during break.

Fresh Sandwich Vending


Fresh Burrito Vending


Fresh Soup Vending


Fresh Pita Vending


Fresh Salad Vending


Fresh Food Wraps Vending


Fresh Pasta Vending


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Fresh Taco Vending


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Fresh Hamburger Vending


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