Ice Cream and Frozen Machines Done Right!

Would you like to have access to frozen entrees, ice cream, burritos, and hot pockets while you are at work? Dependable has a large selection of frozen items available to larger clients who have enough employees to support the demand of a frozen or ice cream machine. Let us take care of that meal or cool you down with a refreshing ice cream during the hot summer!

ice cream Vending Machines

Ice Cream Vending

We have large selection of ice cream available to your team. Whether you are looking for ice cream sandwiches, crunch bars, cones, frozen lemonade, drumsticks, or strawberry shortcake…we have the product to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ice Cream

Frozen Vending

We have equipment to meet the frozen vending and ice cream vending needs of your facility. Our vehicles are equipped to safely and efficiently transport product to your warehouse to keep your team satisfied. There is no facility to large for Dependable and we have the products to keep your team happy!

We can customize the perfect snack program from hundreds of products in our warehouse.

Ice Cream Scoop

Ice Cream

Frozen Pizza Vending

Frozen Pizza

Hot Pocket

Hot Pockets

TV Dinner

TV Dinners

Frozen Burrito Vending Item


Frozen Meal From Vending Machine

Frozen Meals

Start experiencing consistent product deliveries that save time, shows your students you care, and helps you to focus on things that matter.