Get the right balance of salty, sweet and healthy options at your workplace

Meet the team dedicated to providing the most popular snacks in Southern California. No matter what your employee or guest preferences, we have the variety to meet their needs. Choose from our range of traditional vending machine favorites to great-tasting healthy vending machine options that support corporate wellness. We carry both healthy and regular chips, pastries, cookies, candy, jerky, and energy bars.

Not only does Dependable Vending offer superior snacks, but our vending machines are top of the line. Each vending machine has an infrared sensor that guarantees a product is delivered or the user gets the money back automatically. Built-in LED lights brighten up the break room while saving on energy.

Snack Machine

Customized Snack Options

With our advanced technology we are able to merchandise snack vending machine according to the needs of your facility. Gone are the days where your team sees the same continuous product in your machine…our merchandising team will continue to adjust your equipment to fit the purchasing habits and request of your business.

Snack Vending

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness
It is important to have a vending company that supports the initiatives of your HR department. Dependable has a large selection of healthier snacking options that can meet the needs of your corporate wellness initiatives. Let Dependable partner with your team in order to create a more productive work force!

We can customize the perfect snack program from hundreds of products in our warehouse

Vending Machine Chips


We stock all the popular flavors and will customize the selection for your specific workplace.

Pastry Vending


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a baked treat made from only the finest ingredients.

Cookie Vending


The perfect pairing for coffee, milk, or one its own, we have the cookie choices sure to please.

Gums and Mints Vending

Gums & Mints

Sometimes the things that come in small packages can still WOW you with flavor.

Candy Vending


Packed with flavor, you won’t be able to choose just one of these well-known brands.

Clif Bar Vending Items


A range of options from high protein to low calorie, these snacks don’t sacrifice on taste.

Pop Chips, M&Ms, Sun Chips, Snickers, Snickers, Ruffles, Nature Valley, Frito Lay, Cheetos Logos

Start experiencing consistent product deliveries that save time, shows your students you care, and helps you to focus on things that matter.