It’s the start of a new year, a new decade in fact, which leads us to not only look at the years ahead but to also reflect on the decade we left behind. It is often said that the days drag on, but the years fly by. How true is that?! Now is a great time to plan, set goals, and dream of what you would like to accomplish in this coming decade.

Ten years is a significant measure of time to realistically accomplish big goals. In business, this is a great time to start asking some important questions.

  • How would you like to see your company culture change in the coming years?
  • In what ways can you attract and maintain quality employees?
  • What are some ways to creatively motivate your employees to work hard and efficiently?
  • How can you then show your appreciation for a job well done?

Concentrating on the culture behind the work often translates to quality work and more profit. Investing in your people is essential to attaining true success. To effectively invest in your employees, you have to know what they like… and don’t like. Let’s take a look at a couple articles showing some of the biggest trends of the past decade:

What Were Our Industry’s Best And Worst Products Of The Last Decade?

The 30 Biggest Food Trends of the Last Decade

Since food seems to be a great place to start when providing motivating perks for employees, why not take a look at some options to improve your break room for a new year and a new decade. Take a look at our growing micro markets, vending machines, and pantry service including our very own internally-made Market Fresh Foods. What about coffee service with a premium bean-to-cup brewer? Dream big, start small, and contact us for more information about how to create a great company culture beginning with your break room.

Dependable Break Room Solutions

  • Vending

  • Coffee

  • Micro Markets
  • Water & Ice

  • Pantry Service

Start experiencing consistent break room service that saves time, shows your employees your care, and boosts office morale.