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Are we looking at a new normal in this COVID-19 era? Longterm? Maybe…maybe not, but at least in the short term we continue to pursue different safety measures. Amidst the debate of just how deadly this disease is, people do agree that COVID-19 is highly contagious. Face-to-face contact and high-touch surfaces are often the culprit in spreading this disease. Those currently working and those going back to work in the coming months will need food, drinks, and snacks available on the job. Break rooms may not function in the same way they once did…at least for a little while. Why not rethink the way food and beverages have been offered in the past? Why not bring a safe and convenient solution to the break room experience?

Safety and Convenience with Micro Markets

To cut down on face-to-face contact and the need to handle high-touch surfaces, micro markets are a great solution to safely offer quality food and drinks while on the job. In fact, this article in Vending Times shows demand is increasing for them within the workplace. These markets allow employees to simply grab an item, scan it, and complete their purchase with their phone through mobile pay. The entire purchasing process can be completed with limited touch points and no face-to-face contact. Touchscreens, however, are still available for those who prefer to use another payment method. This brings a safe and convenient solution to the break room experience. Although micro markets do offer a safe solution, we still recommend washing your hands.

The silver lining in enduring hard times is often finding new ways to enhance our businesses and operate in a more safe and efficient way. Micro markets are just one innovative way to offer a great employee benefit while also prioritizing safety and sanitation. Would these micro markets be a good fit for your workplace? Contact Dependable Break Room Solutions at [email protected] for more information.

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