Last week we looked at some pretty amazing break room makeovers. Not every business has the ability to make such extravagant changes, but a little creativity goes a long way on a budget. Sometimes a little break room inspiration is all it takes to unleash a bevy of ideas that work best for your office or warehouse space. Providing ways to boost company morale is incredibly important, especially now.

If interested, these seven helpful steps can help get you started:

How to Improve an Employee Break Room

Before tackling the aesthetics, first, prioritize the practical needs of your employees. Is there a place for them to store their food? Are appliances available to properly heat their left-over meal from the night before? Can they sit comfortably to eat their lunch? Is this space clean and inviting? Are you offering food and beverage options on-site? Once you have a plan to implement practical improvements, then start finding the right design elements. Yet another great resource to get the creative juices flowing with some great break room inspiration is: “Break Room Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank“.

So how can we help?

Are you currently looking for new and improved ways to offer fresh food, healthy (and non-healthy) snacks, and beverages (including gourmet coffee options)? Look no further! With Dependable Break Room Solutions, you will not only provide quality food and drinks to your employees but also will receive aesthetically pleasing equipment customized for your workplace.

For more information regarding our state-of-the-art vending machines, customizable micro-markets, and gourmet coffee service, contact us at [email protected]. Improve your break room (and company morale) today.

Dependable Break Room Solutions

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Start experiencing consistent break room service that saves time, shows your employees your care, and boosts office morale.