break room solutions help employees save during inflation

As inflation continues its upward trend, the cost of everyday necessities can put a financial strain on employees. With this in mind, employers should consider providing workplace breakroom solutions like pantry services and micro markets to help soften the impact of rising costs for their staff. These break room solutions increase morale through enhanced convenience and variety, and they may also provide a much-needed sense of security by helping your personnel handle an increasingly tight budget with ease. Read about how leveraging such easy break room solutions can bring greater benefits than expected!

Pantry Service

Pantry service is a great way to give your employees access to snacks without worrying about the cost. Not only does pantry service provide an easy way for workers to get their snacks, but it also helps them save money. By offering pantry service at work, you are providing your staff with a helping hand, which in turn will make them happier and more productive. Plus, the pantry service is conveniently located within the workplace, so employees don’t have to take extra time out of their day to get the snacks they need. In an article by USA Today, published a survey that mentions the majority, 56%, of full-time employees are “extremely” or “very” happy with their current job, that number jumps to 67% among those who have access to free food, the survey of more than 1,000 full-time office workers found.

Micro Markets

Micro markets are giving employees in the workplace a new level of convenience when it comes to their lunchtime routine. Employees have easy access to a variety of products that they can self-serve, which in turn saves them time, energy, and money. In addition, micro markets help create healthy and happy employees by decreasing stress levels often associated with food choices during workdays. With micro markets, individuals have greater freedom to pick out whatever foods and snacks they need without leaving the office. The result is higher morale and a more cost-effective way for employers to provide for their workers.

Vending Machines

Vending machines have quickly become an asset in the workplace, offering employees a convenient and affordable snack option throughout the day. Companies now have the ability to provide healthy vending to their staff, potentially contributing to physical and mental wellness on the job. The vending machines are generally self-service; this not only saves employers the hassle of managing in-house vending solutions but also provides a much wider range of options than traditional vending, including granola bars, trail mix, nuts, and fruit cups. Employees no longer have to sacrifice healthy snacks for convenience – it can be all about affordability! So if you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective way to add value to your company culture, vending machines are certainly worth considering.

 Water Filtration Systems & Coffee Machines

Investing in office coffee machines and water filtration systems can be a great way to help keep your employees happy without breaking the bank. Not only is it much more affordable in the long run than buying individual cups of coffee or bottled water, but sustainability is associated with this decision. Coffee machines allow employees to make themselves a cup whenever they like and brew what they need in their office breakroom instead of running out to the local coffee shop. This saves time, and money and improves employee satisfaction. Utilizing these break room solutions will help you and your employees save money and reduce waste.

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