Employees spend a considerable amount of time at work. Often, they spend more of their waking hours in the office than in their own homes. That means they also spend more time with their work family during the week than with their families at home. This is why it’s critically important to create a culture of consideration among your employees. How can you create a peaceful work environment that lends itself to consideration? How can you make it easier for your employees to easily access what they need without doing so at the expense of their work neighbor?

Food Etiquitte

Everyone has experienced that one coworker who constantly brings smelly foods to work for lunch. Heating up their day-old fish filet brings a smell into your workspace that is enough to distract you from the tasks you need to complete. What about your pregnant coworker who excuses herself due to the unwanted smell of her neighbor’s left-over broccoli? There are so many scenarios that workers experience on the job that keep them from completing their work. The inconsideration of other coworkers being one of them. Sometimes, that inconsideration isn’t inconsideration at all, but a lack of other options.

To cut down on lunch-time distractions, one easy solution is providing a designated space for dining. Ideally, this space would be filled with comfortable seating and accommodations that incentivize employees to stay and eat. The convenience of microwaves, refrigerators, and even vending machines or micro markets provide all employees need during lunch and other breaks.

Although sometimes considered a complicated issue, the article “Food & the Workplace” brings additional insight and suggestions in promoting true food etiquette in the workplace. So where does Dependable Break Room Solutions come in? We pride ourselves in providing customized options to fit any break room. By creating a break room that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and stocked with delicious food and drinks, you effectively create a positive work environment that fosters good relationships and consideration.

Break Room Solutions

Fully stock your break room with healthy snacks, delicious fresh food options, and a wide variety of refreshing drinks. Bring quality options to every employee. Check out our state-of-the-art vending machines and fully customizable micro markets. For a real crowd-pleaser, why not include coffee service with rich bean-to-cup brewers or provide the treat of a mocha or vanilla latte with quality coffee vending? Dependable can help in your pursuit of creating a culture of consideration in the workplace.

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