Our customers (or better yet, our partners) are the very heartbeat of everything we do. Dependable Break Room Solutions exists to serve them on an individual level. Our mission is to remain customer centric in all we do, providing customer-centric solutions. Furthermore, we constantly look for ways to tailor each contract to meet the specific needs of every partner. This article from Salesforce perfectly explains our business model in how we approach each partnership. By concentrating on the needs of our customers we can work to meet them with individualized solutions.

So what are we doing today to provide customer-centric solutions?

Market Fresh Foods

To truly live up to our name, we are constantly looking to improve the break room solutions we offer. After years of being a part of the vending industry in Southern California, we saw an incredible business opportunity that had yet to be filled. In an age of individualization due to different dietary restrictions and varying health food trends, there was a great need for more nutrition and control over the kind of food that was provided. Therefore, we created our newest solution: Market Fresh Foods.

Market Fresh Foods is our very own in-house food service. We have worked hard to create different culinary options with new recipes we control and tailor to our customers’ needs. Are you in need of any vegan options, maybe food selections with high protein, or a variety of gluten free products? The benefit of having an in-house food service is that we can actually create recipes and/or products based on customer feedback and requests… then make them ourselves. From nutritious snacks to full meals, these options really have something for everyone.

Because of our advanced technology, we are able to see which products are selling best in each location. We can then efficiently rotate menus. This helps ensure that the products your employees desire most are always available.

In addition, Market Fresh Foods can be further customized and available within all lines of business, including vending machines, micro markets, and pantry service. Why limit it to only one mode of distribution? We are Dependable Break Room Solutions where our customer-centric solutions are unique, customizable, favorable, and… dependable. Interested? Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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