Hardships over the past few months created much stress and distress within the workplace. Really, these hardships directly impact so many aspects of life, but the workplace includes its own set of challenges. Is it possible to work remotely? How do we set up every employee to work from home successfully? If employees are in the office, how do we ensure their health and safety? When will I be able to reopen my business that was deemed non-essential? So many questions and unknowns cause much unrest among working Americans. As businesses slowly reopen, some restrictions remain in place. This article outlines some of the new guidelines in reopening. Hopefully you find it helpful!

Improve Morale

All the unknowns and stress of each day so often bog us down, but what about the things we can control? Why not take some time looking into new strategies improving employee morale as they return to work? Try implementing some exciting new changes. Look at ways to customize your break room on a budget.

Affordable Break Room Enhancements

Understanding that finances are of great concern currently, let’s look at some fun ways to customize your break room on a budget. These common areas may not be used for a while, or at least will be used with restrictions, so what better time to make some changes while there is minimal foot traffic? Check out this article for some new ideas: “10 ways to remodel your break room on a budget“.

cup of coffee

Two suggestions from the article above include fully-stocked kitchens and offering free coffee. Dependable Break Room Solutions not only offers solutions to those suggestions, but also brings many cost-effective options. You may not be able to provide free food or coffee for your employees now but may be able to in the future. Dependable offers is flexibility and customization. One example is Dependable’s coffee service “free vend” option giving employees the benefit of free coffee when it’s financially possible. Offering a fully-stocked kitchen is possible through vending machines, micro markets, and/or pantry service. Various employee programs are available with vouchers and subsidy programs to help offset the cost of food and drinks for your employees. What a nice break from the stress of the day to concentrate on the exciting prospect of improving our workplace in affordable ways.

We do understand these are challenging times, so when you’re ready, Dependable Break Room Solutions is here to help. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Dependable Break Room Solutions

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