In the early 1900’s coffee breaks in the workplace were a novelty and were only first issued by factory owners in an attempt to get their line workers to move faster. Breaks were closely regulated and coffee was heated on kerosene fueled hot plates.
In the early 2000’s coffee in the workplace in the city of Inland Empire is no longer a novelty, but a necessity. Hot plates have been replaced by espresso machines/single cup brewers and employers encourage their employees to take frequent breaks, to make themselves feel at home.  Although the change in heart may be for noble reasons there are also very practical statistics behind the changes. Numerous studies show that:
• Employees feel more appreciated if coffee is offered free of charge in the work place. Happy employees are loyal employees and loyalty means less turn over and easier hiring.
• If coffee is offered there is less reason to leave the office which means faster breaks and more productivity.
• The factory owners were right (to an extent): taking breaks does increase productivity when returning to work.
The evolution of coffee in the workplace from the early 1900’s to the 2000’s has been extreme. The progression of equipment, the research showing its benefits from an employer perspective and the priority placed on it by employees (by 1950 coffee breaks were written into almost all union contracts) have all gone a long way in establishing coffee as a necessary employee benefit.
In 2015 as coffee has become an office staple in Inland Empire, companies need to find other ways to set themselves apart, making sure that the coffee they offer is still a benefit and not a nuisance. Some important things to keep in mind when choosing (or improving) your Inland Empire office coffee service:
• As brewers and coffee selections evolved so did everyone’s taste buds. Make sure you choose a coffee (either a premium brand or local roaster) that your employees enjoy. If they don’t like the coffee they are likely to pay for the cup they do enjoy even if it means leaving the office.
• Offer a large variety (including decaf). You don’t want any employee to feel like their preferences are less important than others.
• Make sure you have a strategic plan for who makes the coffee and cleans the pots (no longer an issue with single cup brewers). As companies make cut backs, employees are already feeling overwhelmed. Throwing the responsibility of cleaning the machine onto their shoulders might be the breaking point.
If you are looking to improve your current service in Inland Empire and surrounding areas but not sure of the steps you should take call your local Inland Empire vendor. They can help you with coffee samplings and show you even more data on the benefits of a quality coffee in your work place.
Man has evolved, coffee as an industry has evolved, your business has evolved, and your office coffee service should reflect that. Call Dependable Vending today at 800.785.3803 for a free no-obligation consultation of your break room needs.

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