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Caring about your health starts with one simple step…drink more water. Implementing regular water intake is an essential priority in your daily routine. Not only does it contribute to your overall health but also directly impacts skin health. As water rids the body of toxins, some results include reducing acne and the progression of wrinkles, among other benefits. These may be added bonuses of drinking more water, but there are other important health benefits that will be our main focus here.

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Important Benefits

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares the specific benefits of drinking water as well as when it is most important to stay hydrated. We know that water helps to “lubricate and cushion joints” and “protect your spinal cord and other sensitive tissues”. If those were the only two results, that would be enough to motivate proper hydration, but there is even more. It also helps to “keep your temperature normal” and “get[s] rid of waste”. Among other qualifiers, hydration is especially important in hotter climates (aka summertime…)

Water in the Workplace

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Although every person is responsible for the health of their own body, there are things we can do as businesses to make this pursuit even easier. With respect to hydration, are you providing pure, great-tasting water to encourage consumption? Is it readily available with easy access for continued daily use? Is your break room, office, warehouse, etc. properly stocked with sufficient equipment to provide water?

Answer all of these questions with a resounding yes by having a Dependable Break Room Solutions water cooler installed for these hot summer months and beyond. Add this to your growing list of ways to care for the health and wellness of each employee. Give your water a fresh taste and encourage employees to drink more water. Enjoy a maintenance-free experience as we will take care of the full installation, cleanings, and continued service as needed. We would like to give you all of these benefits and more in meeting your break room needs.

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