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While California is in the middle of this crazy heatwave, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated. Cool your body temperature down by grabbing some ice-cold water and drink up! Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Life gets busy, work gets overwhelming, and we forget to take quick water breaks. Providing easy access to great-tasting water encourages proper hydration… something incredibly important in a workplace setting.

Water provides so much more than simply hydration. It drastically helps the productivity of your employees by giving energy, endurance, and strong cognitive skills. An article by eHealth titled “3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Hydrated” provides great insight into the benefits of hydration as well as practical tips for encouraging employees to drink up. One of their suggestions beyond offering water filtration is providing drink containers such as bottles, mugs, or glasses. What a great idea! By including a company logo on a free container, you not only boost company morale with a small gift but also encourages more water consumption while at the same time benefiting from the bonus of additional advertising when used outside of the workplace.

Convenient Hydration

Let’s talk a little more about how to provide convenient, hydrating products to your employees. Convenience can be found by installing designated drink stations. Water filtration systems provide great-tasting water on demand at no cost. It’s like giving your employees an unlimited number of bottled water throughout their day. What people sometimes forget is the value of eating fruit as it pertains to hydration. Again, the article linked above includes the reminder that since fruit can make up a “significant amount of our daily water intake,” it’s an important consideration when stocking any micro-market or including in pantry service. Sometimes it’s nice to change it up a bit and grab an orange or an apple that assists in keeping you hydrated… aside from drinking more water.

Dependable Break Room Solutions would love to help customize your break room. We will work with you to ensure you have enough quality, hydrating options to keep your employees healthy and productive. Ask us about our water filtration options as well as our various services providing fresh fruit.

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