Let’s talk about food safety. With all the instruction around hand washing, using hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes, why not take the opportunity to expand the conversation to basic food safety tips? These principles ring true in the midst of a pandemic as well as every other ordinary day. It’s one thing to follow food safety guidelines in your own kitchen, but what about outside of the home? What about eating in the workplace? At work you face untimely distractions, last-minute meetings, unpredictably long conference calls, or even limited access to refrigerators. Some days it feels as though every time you plan to take a break, there is a fire to put out (metaphorically speaking). When so many different priorities are at the forefront of your mind, how can you still prioritize food safety? Especially when you have only a moment to grab a bite to eat at your desk?

Safe Eating

From how to pack perishable foods to how long leftovers can be kept in the refrigerator, this article includes important food safety tips for the office. In it you will find great information about safe a healthy eating. Specifically, while navigating the unpredictability of work life in the office.

Dependable Break Room Solutions takes food safety very seriously. We handle all food products and equipment safely and cautiously. Food products within Dependable vending machines and micro markets are carefully kept at the right temperature. We use advanced technology to monitor our equipment from afar to ensure optimal conditions. Safety protocols from temperature control to how our drivers carefully handle each product have meticulously been put into place with you in mind. So whether you plan to grab a fresh sandwich from a Dependable micro market or pack your lunch from home, why not take the time to reevalutate your food safety practices as you head back to work?

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