Do you have the right ice machine for your workplace needs? With all of the many models and options available, it’s possible you may already have one that creates more ice than you need, not enough, or even one that is incompatible with your plumbing capabilities. Many considerations exist when choosing the right machine including whether to look for a machine to purchase or for lease. So, what are some additional questions to ask when considering an ice machine? And, when is it best to consider one for lease?

How Many People?

First, how many people work in your building, warehouse, etc.? Whether you have 10 people or 1,000, there are specific machines designed for your individual needs. You don’t want a machine that can’t keep up with demand. Nor do you want a machine that will provide more than your people will use resulting in higher electric and water bills. Since people typically prefer the refreshment of an ice-cold drink over room temperature, providing ice machines can encourage proper hydration.

Ice Machines

Preferred Use?

Second, what would be the most common use of these machines in your workplace? Would it be primarily used by employees for an ice-cold beverage to quench their thirst? Or, is there a need for large amounts of ice used at one time to fill a cooler or even sports bags in athletic training or therapy? These most common uses will vary from business to business. Consider personalizing your office space with equipment that efficiently meets your needs.

KM-300BAJ Ice Machine


Third, how important is it to keep these machines clean? Turns out it is incredibly important. Anytime you’re dealing with water you run into potential issues with limescale buildup and even mold. Not to mention the goal of great-tasting ice for your beverage of choice. To ensure the health and wellness of your users, these machines should be regularly cleaned. Leasing ice machines affords the luxury of a maintenance-free experience provided you choose a leasing company who regularly cleans the machines. Sadly, this is not always the case making this point an important priority when talking to your vendor.

Is Leasing Right for Me?

Are you looking for an ice machine for a specific period of time? What about long-term use that guarantees a maintenance-free experience? Would you benefit from the cost-effective advantages of leasing over the initial high cost of purchasing a unit with potentially high repair costs in the future? If your answer was yes to any of the questions above, leasing an ice machine may be right for you. Leasing a machine may not always be the answer, but in many cases it is.

Dependable Break Room Solutions works hard to provide customized solutions for every business. We will work with you in selecting the most cost-effective and efficient equipment to best fit your individual needs. Our superior customer service provides regular cleanings and support with repairs when needed. As long as you have electric, a water connection, and a floor drain…we can get an ice machine installed very easily.

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