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Filtered water, individual bottled water, 5-gallon water bottles, drinking fountains… Many different ways exist to offer water to your employees throughout the day. Because proper hydration leads to better productivity, it’s important to provide great-tasting water to your employees throughout the day. However, not all water tastes the same, and people will have more incentive to drink it if bottled water or filtered water is readily available. Dependable Break Room Solutions offers an efficient way of providing this basic need. Here are four reasons to choose water filtration from Dependable Break Room Solutions:

1. Cost Savings

When it comes to offering water for all employees for an entire work day, day after day, you need an efficient solution. Individual bottled water is great to have as an option, but it can be expensive.

The 5-gallon water bottles are widely used and have become common fixtures in many offices. But the cost savings with water filtration can provide significant savings and efficiency. Also, with a monthly charge of only $32.99, a water filtration machine is quite a bit cheaper than constantly replacing those 5-gallon water bottles.

2. Employee Safety

Water bottles weigh a lot and require quite a bit of lifting to keep them well stocked. By replacing them with water filtration machines, you reduce potential workers’ compensation claims due to constant heavy lifting.

3. Free Up Storage Space

When using water filtration, you no longer need to keep those water bottles well-stocked and readily available. Free up that space and use that square footage more efficiently.

4. Importance of Cleanliness

Dependable Break Room Solutions remains committed to offering premium products and services and focuses on the cleanliness of each water filtration machine. Every six months when the water filters are changed, we thoroughly clean the water cooler. This unfortunately is not an industry-wide standard practice. After seeing how dirty those machines can get, we want to provide you with truly clean, filtered water.

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