Just when you thought you had Millennials figured out, the next generation, Generation Z, is entering the workplace with new wants and needs. Although similar, these two generations have many differences. For example, Millennials still remember a time without internet, smart phones, and social media. Gen Z does not. Born roughly between 1995-2010, Gen Z only knows a world with touchscreens and data plans.

Additional characteristics presented in these infographics include their competitiveness, independence, and and desire for financial security. Gen Z watched their parents struggle through the recession, leading them to be more financially pragmatic than their Millennial predecessors.

Many other differences exist, but one notable difference is found in their eating habits. As reported in “Gen Z Consumers Want Healthier, More Convenient Food,” ease and convenience drive their food choices. Compared to previous generations, they are more likely to snack between meals and grab those frozen entrees.

Meeting New Wants and Needs

Understanding what motivates these young professionals is the first step in learning how to meet their wants and needs. Workplace environment is a great place to start when looking for areas of improvement. What amenities would be attractive to these new workers? Have you thought of ways to improve your break room? Are you currently offering fresh food, healthy snacks, beverages, and frozen entrees?

The desire for quick and easy meals seems to grow with each generation and Dependable Break Room Solutions exists to meet this growing demand. Our customizable micro markets are designed to perfectly fit your space with a wide variety of food and beverage options. Vending machines and coffee services are also available to meet your various break room needs. Who doesn’t like a quick and easy option? Although perfect for your Gen Z employees, these solutions are also a great way to bring all generations together.

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