Wouldn’t it be great to know the key to having a productive workday and to have enough energy to thrive in your daily tasks? We actually do have the answer! It has been proven that a healthy diet not only sustains you but also helps you flourish. Food is more than fuel. It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Healthy Eating

An incredibly informative article from Harvard Business Review gives great insight into healthy eating in the workplace. This article “What You Eat Affects Your Productivity” effectively explains why food is more than fuel. With some helpful tips, the author drives home the point that “if you’re serious about achieving top workplace performance, making intelligent decisions about food is essential.”

Convenient, Affordable, and Available

Fundamentally, in order to have success in the area of healthy eating, the right food choices need to be convenient, affordable, and available. In order to sustain your energy and cognitive clarity in the midst of a busy workday, taking the time to make the right nutritional decisions will greatly help your overall performance. As a business owner or HR department, prioritizing the accessibility of healthy foods will reap many rewards. Making healthy snacks and fresh food options available during the workday not only contributes to the health and wellbeing of your employees but also to the success of your business as a whole.

Dependable Break Room Solutions offers just that… solutions. With our healthy vending machines and micro markets, you will have a wide variety of nutritious options to choose from that are convenient, affordable, and always available–including our own Market Fresh Foods made in-house providing you nutritionally-rich, delicious options. Include water filtration to encourage proper hydration, and your employees will have all they need to ensure proper workday nutrition.

Are you currently offering your employees healthy food options on the job? Would you like to expand what you are presently offering? Contact us at [email protected] for more information regarding break room solutions. Improve your break room today!

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