The average American has developed new grocery shopping habits over the past six months. One resounding change has been the number of grocery trips they make in a week. Before COVID-19, it was normal to stop by the store on your way home from work to pick up what you needed for dinner that night. Now, more people are trying to limit their viral exposure by only going to the grocery store once per week. Some people have opted for grocery delivery services to not go to the store at all. No matter your comfort level, chances are good you have developed new habits while shopping in this pandemic.

For some, these changes may have just become a more permanent habit. A number of interesting statistics are shared in the article “7 out of 10 Americans believe grocery shopping will permanently change due to coronavirus pandemic.” Almost 70% of Americans “used their time in quarantine to reevaluate their food shopping and cooking habits.” What an incredible number to pay attention to! So what does that mean exactly? Well, it depends on your industry and what demand you’re trying to meet.

Workplace Solutions

For the vending industry, we find this statistic to be an important one when deciding which break room services to include in your workplace. If employees are worried about unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, why not provide more food and beverage options in your break room? Make lunch and snack decisions easy, convenient, and safe. Give them one less reason to stop at the grocery store by installing a fully-stocked micro-market for them to “shop” in for lunch. Vending machine options also provide snacks, drinks, and fresh food options on a smaller scale. And don’t forget about their love of coffee! Check out various coffee service options to meet your employees’ caffeine needs.

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