If you had told me even six months ago we would still be living in this limbo of unknowns, I don’t think I would have believed you. This weird era of COVID-19 has left us wondering… is this our new normal? Although all of this may not become our “normal”, it has challenged the way we have always done things. Businesses, schools, stores, etc. found creative ways to operate. As we move forward and back to “normal” (once possible), we may actually continue working in many of the same ways as we have the last several months. With all of this required creativity, some of the solutions we were reluctant to implement have actually been incredibly beneficial.

Options such as flexible work hours and the ability to work from home was a selling point of any job before this pandemic but may now become the norm. Article after article and blog after blog have come up with different opinions regarding what will change long-term. Some really may be right! here are a few:

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Office Solutions

Not all workplaces however can offer full-time, work-from-home options, and that is ok! Changes can still be made in the office. Popular opinions regarding what will change longterm include more touchless options as it pertains to equipment used. Within high traffic areas, such as break rooms, more and more employers seek options such as micro-markets to distribute food and drinks. Why micro-markets? With open shelving and mobile payment options, you really have very limited touchpoints. The response to these installations has been overwhelmingly positive which leads us to believe that they are here to stay! With more product variety, customized options, and the safety of sanitation, these markets provide another great solution to your break room needs as we enter into a new normal… whether it’s simply temporary or over the long-term.

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