As we continue working through solutions in the workplace as it pertains to COVID-19, it’s important to have a game plan. Business as usual may become business as unusual for a while. Offices and warehouses should consider implementing new sanitation measures before welcoming back some or all of their employees. One great place to start would be looking into various precautions taken with food at work.

Food Precautions

We know that food provides great opportunity to boost company morale through coworker connection. Coming together to share a lunch or even dessert doesn’t have to come to an end. It may just need to be done differently. In the article, “Coronavirus: Taking Precautions with Food at Work“, the author provides great tips for workplace food sanitation.

Break Room Sanitation

What about break rooms? These common areas are yet another place to foster employee engagement and connection. Does your break room currently have any Dependable vending machines or micro markets? What about coffee machines? New sanitation measures may include keeping disinfectant wipes near each machine for employees to clean the touch screens and buttons after each use. Why not also implement additional periodic break room cleanings? Something as simple as wiping down the tables, chairs, and machines every hour during the work day may bring peace of mind to your employees.

Health is important, and part of good health includes human interaction and connection. Why not provide a way to promote all aspects of health in the workplace? Continue looking for ways to use more sanitary measures to protect your workers in their daily interactions.

For more information on how Dependable Break Room Solutions has implemented safe and sanitary protocols into our daily services, contact [email protected]. And, as always let us know if you are interested in vending, micro markets, coffee service, and/or pantry service to improve your break room today.

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