micro market

Our world is entrenched with technology advancement, but is it all bad? Technology has been a huge player in the trajectory of many businesses, why not use this to create an impact in your building? An up-and-coming advancement in the mixing of vending and pantry services has been using Micro-Markets to take care of break room needs. What exactly is a Micro-Market? According to an article in Hospitality Upgrade, “a micro-market (MM) is an unattended point of sale designed to cater to the needs of its clientele; whether that be hotel guests or employees.”

The article goes on to explain the benefits of a Micro-Market which include an increase in variety, fresh food products, larger inventory, easy access to nutritional information, self checkout, theft surveillance, employees remaining on sight, option for incentive programs, usage tracking, 24/7 availability, energy efficient equipment, and much more. Would these micro markets be a good fit for your workplace? Contact Dependable Break Room Solutions at [email protected] for more information.

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