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how to attract and retain millennials in the workplace

The Millennial generation is changing the workplace, and employers are taking notice. With over 75 million Millennials entering the workforce in the past decade, it’s essential for businesses to understand how to attract and retain this talented generation of workers. Knowing how to attract and retain millennials in the workplace is key to your company’s success. Job security and career growth are essential for these young professionals, employers must create an inviting work environment to draw them into their organization and keep them there! Here are some tips on making your business a millennial-friendly workplace so you can get ahead of the competition.

Recognize Hard Work

Giving employees recognition for a job well done is more than just a nice gesture – it’s essential to the long-term success of any company. Millennials, especially, respond incredibly well when their hard work and efforts are appreciated, whether in the form of an award they can proudly display or simply having a boss acknowledge their work with nothing more than a few kind words. Showing appreciation motivates them further and has a more significant positive effect on the culture of the business itself. By expressing gratitude for everyday efforts, companies create an atmosphere of respect and appreciation that helps build trust between employees and leadership, helping retain millennials in the workplace. This, in turn, leads to increased performance, and – ultimately – productivity, all of which benefit everyone involved!

Provide Perks

Millennials are often drawn to certain perks when it comes to the workplace. Having pantry service, micro-markets, or even office coffee as an amenity in the workplace makes it incredibly inviting and attractive to millennials. Not only can pantry services be stocked with various items, from fresh vegetables and healthy snacks, but they also offer employees convenience-filled lunch breaks or quick snacks throughout the day. Vending machines can provide additional ease for those who prefer immediate access to food without leaving work premises. Office coffee is an energizing perk that could prove helpful over long and tiring work days, demonstrating appreciation and care for the team members’ well-being. All in all, pantry service and office coffee provide significant benefits that make it more attractive and help retain millennials in the workplace!

Provide Filtered Water

Millennials have taken the lead on water filtration. This demographic is especially informed about potentially harmful contaminants in water. Water filtration, water coolers, and ice machines offered by vending companies seem to fit within Millennials’ environmental mindset. Providing water filtration systems, water coolers, and ice machines from a reliable vending company is the best way to ensure that your staff can stay well-hydrated while at the office. It guarantees that water is readily available, and you will be sure to reap the rewards of having staff that feels appreciated and taken care of. Besides making everyone feel seen, water hygiene investments have immense health benefits. A well-hydrated team is more productive. In an article by Pull Hydration, they discuss how employees who drink adequate water see essential health benefits like improved brainpower, increased energy, and an uptick in the mood. –it’s undoubtedly worth it in the long run.

Get Started – Attract and Retain Millennials in the Workplace

If you want to stay ahead and ensure your company attracts and retains millennials in the workplace, follow these tips! Create a workplace that emphasizes hard work and provides perks like office coffee and micro markets. And filtered water – this generation is health conscious and wants easy access to clean water at work. We can help you get started with all these things at dependable break room solutions. Fill out our contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch shortly.

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