Shut down…again. It’s hard to keep up with all the new information and reports coming out almost daily! Stay informed and up-to-date on information by going straight to the source… for example, the CDC. For businesses in the midst of COVID-19, take a look at this great resource of frequently asked questions:

General Business Frequently Asked Questions

For businesses still open and operating or ones hoping to be soon, consider new ways to operate safely. For example, since social distancing helps slows the spread of COVID-19, what can be done with shared workspaces and break rooms? Make common places coworkers congregate available, but simply change the way they are used. Find new workplace solutions using helpful guidelines from the CDC. Then get creative!

While looking at ways to safely reopen your break rooms, why not also consider fun and exciting customizations? Employee-friendly customizations bring excitement to the workplace. In such a weary time, company morale may be low. Encourage your workers with quality food and drinks available throughout their workday. Consider a custom micro market with a wide variety of fresh food and drinks. Or, subsidize the cost of a Dependable vending machine making food, drinks, and snacks more affordable. What about installing coffee service as a “thank you” for your hard-working employees? And in case you’re worried about working with outside vendors during this time, Dependable Break Room Solutions takes additional sanitary measures ensuring the safety of all our customers. Ask us for details!

Find excitement in even the smallest of rewards. So while we remain shut down… again… think of new ways to boost company morale.

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