It’s no surprise that as more and more people work from home, there has been a steep snack surge. We talked about new shopping habits forming in last week’s blog. Now, let’s explore how these new habits have also spread into the realm of snacking. It makes sense that it would, right? Workers need breaks, pantries are within reach, and naturally, the kitchen becomes an at-home breakroom. When you think of snacking, sometimes only the unhealthy options come to mind. This often gives snacking a negative connotation. But honestly, if done in a healthy way it can be incredibly beneficial in keeping your mind sharp. So what about when everyone goes back to work? Will these workers have access to the same healthy snack options they have had at home?

In the article “COVID-19 Lockdowns Lead to Surge in Snacking and Unlock New Growth Opportunities, TMR Says”, Transparency Market Research analysts provide key findings regarding this snack surge. They cover everything from the type of snacks sought after to what these growth accelerators are attributed to. Check it out for some great insight!

If you’re re-evaluating what you currently offer by way of break room solutions, or if you see a specific need you would like to fulfill as it pertains to break room services, we would love to help! Find many healthy snack options available through healthy vending, micro-markets, and pantry services. Find COVID-safe, individually-wrapped packages of highly desired brands and products. Meet the demand of this current snack surge as your employees return to the workplace.

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