Let’s set the stage for a moment. You’re knee deep in a project. It seems there are not enough hours in the day to complete it. And, you’ve been working non-stop for weeks on end. Your coworker asks you to take a break to grab some food with them and you reluctantly agree, telling them you only have 10 minutes to spare. You go, you start to feel refreshed, gain perspective, and that 10 minute break willingly turns into a full 30 minute lunch break. You step back into work and end up accomplishing more in less time, which more than made up for the 30 minutes you were away. Sound familiar?

Somehow it has become the norm to believe that working without breaks somehow makes you more productive. The problem is, it’s not a simple equation. More time does not actually equal more productivity. Managers sometimes put undo pressure on their workers to work through lunch and even reward those who do. Employees work at their desk all day without breaks due to the fear of how they will be perceived if they don’t. The irony is that working through all breaks to be more productive actually accomplishes the very opposite. And employers suffer because of it.

The Art of the Lunch Break

Forbes released an article addressing this very problem entitled, “New Study Shows Correlation Between Employee Engagement And The Long-Lost Lunch Break“. It gives many benefits of encouraging regular breaks (within reason) for employees. It also makes some great suggestions to businesses to encourage employees to take these beneficial breaks. One of those suggestions was to revamp your break room.

Having a central location that is well-stocked and comfortable encourages workers to take the breaks they need. This space within the workplace is a great solution since it provides convenient and timely refreshment. Dependable Break Room Solutions is in the business of revamping break rooms. It’s our goal to enhance the employee experience with quality food and beverages. More than that, we seek to enhance the experience. With coffee service, micro markets, state-of-the-art vending machines, filtered water, and our very own Market Fresh Foods, we have the answers to your break room needs.

Encourage breaks, enhance the experience, and enjoy the rewards of employing happy, productive workers. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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