Want to make your break room Covid-friendly? Get your hands on some touchless equipment! Metaphorically speaking of course. No touching required… that’s the point. With even more businesses and warehouses opening up again, creating a safe and inviting break room shows a high level of care for your employees. Little things go a long way! While everyone’s comfort level is a bit different as it pertains to Covid, touchless equipment addresses these concerns and also provides great convenience for all!

As many of our businesses are going touchless these days, as addressed in this article, it can be daunting to make all of these changes at once. Honestly, it’s unrealistic. But as we continue to move toward newer technology and safer touchless options, there are small steps to take. The first is to fill your workplace with touchless equipment. Why not start with the equipment touched most often in the day… water dispensers, coffee makers, ice machines, etc.? These small changes make a tremendous impact. They not only give the perception of safety and convenience, but actual safety and convenience.

Safe, Convenient, Dependable Options

At Dependable Break Room Solutions, we offer many different touchless options. These options include water dispensers, ice machines, and micro markets. Although micro markets are not entirely touchless, our app-based rewards program allows you to complete the majority of the transaction through your own phone. And, for the equipment that still includes touchscreens, we provide protection with antimicrobial film over the screen to eliminate germs on each shared surface.

Encouraging rejuvenation with quick breaks throughout the day produces happy and healthy employees. Pursuing touchless options when possible, brings a level of safety and protection not otherwise granted with different equipment. Now your employees don’t have to think twice when contemplating that quick water refill. So if you’re looking to replace existing equipment or ready to start building a great break room experience, contact us at [email protected]. Improve your break room today by providing safe and convenient experiences for your employees.

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