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Did you know you can customize your vending services to meet your individual business needs? Vending service is not just one size fits all; in fact, it’s incredibly multifaceted. When researching which vending machine service is right for you, ask yourself a series of questions. What are my business goals? Am I adding vending services for perk or profit? Is my objective to provide office vending with healthy options for my employees? What about a beverage vending machine offering a variety of cold drinks? Or maybe, would it make sense for me to engage in selling fresh food options for profit? Within the vending industry, vending services for perks include traditional vending, subsidized vending, and free vending; while vending for profit, refers to commission vending. Let’s explore each of these options for perk or profit below.

Vending Services For Perk

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What would be considered a perk? It depends on who you ask! But, quality food options through healthy vending, snack vending, and/or beverage machines would almost universally be viewed as a major benefit in the workplace.

Traditional Vending

Most businesses add vending machines to their break rooms as a benefit to their employees. These vending machines offer food and beverages to workers who may not otherwise have access to fresh food, snacks, or cold drinks on the job. Sustenance and proper hydration bring energy and clarity of thought to employees during those long work days. The question then becomes: what level of benefits can you afford to give to your employees? Traditional vending is 100% employee financed. They have access to great food and drinks but are responsible to pay for their selections. Plus, the vending company handles all vending services which includes restocking quality products and repairing vending machines when needed. These services come with no vending management on your part. This also means no additional cost in buying the food and beverages these vending machines are stocked with. Coming in at the cheapest option in this category, it’s a solid option worth considering – perfect for office vending!

Subsidized Vending

Subsidized vending takes a step further as you financially cover a portion of each food and beverage selection. As you shoulder some of the monetary burden, your employees benefit from low-cost selections they would not otherwise find outside the workplace. Another great feature with subsidized vending is you don’t have to subsidize every item in the machine but can customize your subsidies. For example, if you want to promote health and wellness in the workplace, simply choose to subsidize the cost of all healthy options to incentivize healthy decisions. Promoting quality products in this way makes it an easy decision when debating which snack item to purchase. The healthy items, of course! They’re the cheapest! The vending industry has seen that this small investment will reap many rewards for you in the workplace. Another great solution for office vending comes to fruition!

Free Vending

The final vending service that brings the biggest perk of all is free vending. True to its name, this service brings free food and beverage options to your employees as you pay the full cost of fresh food, snacks, beverages, and/or healthy items on their behalf. What a great way to build a solid company culture and increase employee retention! Successfully incentivize healthy living by customizing your free vending machine with entirely healthy options. With unlimited access to quality products through snack machines and beverage machines and combo machines alike, who wouldn’t love this office vending service? It’s hard to say no to free food!

Vending Services For Profit

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When does vending service for profit make sense? Well, it completely depends on who would be using these vending machines. Typically, it makes sense in places that accommodate high foot traffic (where there is a need for food and beverages), but the customers aren’t your employees. Airports and amusements parks are great examples of places that may choose this kind of vending service.

Commission Vending

The last vending service we’re going to look at is commission vending. With commission vending, you will make a portion of the vending machine profits as another source of revenue. Prices of each food and beverage selection are a bit higher with commission vending than that of the other three vending options (as you would expect) in order to account for proper profit margins. Whether you’re looking for snack machines, beverage vending machines, combo machines, or healthy options, engage in selling these options for profit using commission vending. Given the right circumstances, this is another great vending service option to consider.

A Dependable Vending Company

So whether you are looking at vending services for perk or profit, Dependable Break Room Solutions offers it all! Our vending company has proudly been in the vending service game for over 40 years. With strong expertise within the vending industry, you will receive nothing but quality products and services! Are you interested in vending services but not sure where to start? Have you decided that quality vending is for you, but not sure which service is the best fit? We will answer all this and more when you contact us for more information at [email protected]. Dependable Break Room Solutions, your local vending company, will work alongside you to find the best vending service option for perk or profit to meet your business needs and goals!

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