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In Southern California, you can count on the hot summer sun hanging around through October. With these prolonged summers it’s important to make sure your employees have access to ice water and other hydrating drinks to help boost productivity and mood.  

According to Texas Health and Human Services, drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help with three things:

1.    Optimal function

2.    Mood

3.    Productivity

By providing access to hydrating options within your workplace, you are helping to provide a successful, productive, and healthy work environment for your employees. 

Did you know that it is a myth that warm water is better for you than cold? It’s been proven that drinking cold water allows for faster hydration since it moves through the stomach faster than warm water1. Water is good but ice water is better. Temperature matters and Dependable Vending wants to help in providing cold refreshing solutions.

We would love to partner with you in finding the best hydrating products for you and your employees. This may include bottled water, sparkling water, and other hydrating products that can be distributed in a variety of ways such as, vending machinesmicro-markets, or pantry service.

Do you currently have ice machines? If not, we would love to talk about our ice machines rentals so you can provide true refreshment for your employees.

Email us to learn more about how to improve your break room today.

1“Which Is Better, Drinking Ice Water or Warm Water?” LIVESTRONG.COM, Leaf Group, 30 July 2019,

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