Why do customers choose one vendor over another? What are they looking for? What should they be looking for? Forbes released a great article addressing what to look for in a quality vendor. In this article, they identify “the four C’s companies consider when choosing a vendor”. The four C’s include: costcapabilitycommunication, and character. Let’s take a look at them in more detail including how Dependable Break Room Solutions addresses each point.


An important consideration to make when evaluating your bottom line is how much to spend on your various needs. When working with vendors, a cost analysis is important. Partner with a company that offers competitive pricing. But, cost is more complex than simply how much money you are spending. As the Forbes article points out, cost also means “time savings, labor savings, the cost of not trusting the vendor and losing sleep over it, [and] the cost of partnering with a company with a bad reputation.”

Here at Dependable Break Room Solutions, we make sure our cost is an investment toward running a successful business. We offer competitive pricing, but more than that we use processes and technology that save you time and energy. Each and every one of our partnerships are important to us and we promise to do our job so you are free to do yours.


Forbes points out that capability is much more than simply being able to get the job done. It also encompasses moral capability. You should be able to depend on your vendor to get the job done and always do the right thing.

By implementing advanced technology, we ensure the job will be done. In addition, we deliver quick service calls prioritizing your needs when issues arise. Valuing honesty and hard work, we will continue to deliver our very best to our partners and future partners.


A contract may start a business relationship but good communication builds and sustains a great business relationship. Is communication clear? Regular? Available when needed? Honest?

Dependable offers clear, transparent communication in all contexts. We take care of our partners by offering an entire client relations team dedicated to making calls, returning calls, and answering emails quickly.  We won’t sit on requests and/or inquiries for days on end. And, we value the continued face-to-face relationship by providing consistency in drivers so you know who is coming in your door on a regular basis.


Arguably the most important factor of all is character. What is the reputation of the company and the character of its leadership? This is key in choosing a vendor since the reputation of your own company is potentially at stake.

Proud to have been in business for 40 years, we are second-generation family owned and operated. Built on the values of honesty and transparency, these are the values that are embedded in the core of everything we do. Because of this, we won’t come into sales meetings with multiple price sheets but instead will seek to always be very fair, upfront, and honest. By the end of every meeting you will know exactly what we can do for you and address any questions you may have. Simply put, we are committed to communicating clearly and doing what is right in all circumstances. We believe honesty and transparency will bring ultimate success.

If you are currently doing business with us, we appreciate you more than you know. We would love to continue to help you any way we can.

If you are in the process of looking to improve your break room with vending machines, micro markets, water filtration, office coffee service, and more, we would love to start a profitable partnership.

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