With so many allergies, dietary restrictions, and the constant flow of new food trends, the modern food industry is continually changing. You’ve got your fad diets such as Whole30, Paleo, and Keto that may only be short-term commitments and then you’ve got the diets that require a complete lifestyle change. These are your vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, and now… flexitarians. Described as vegetarian-ish, a flexitarian doesn’t exclude meat but simply limits it. I guess you can say they can have their meat and eat it too. U.S. News & World Report actually ranked this new dietary craze #2 (tie) Best Diets Overall. With these ever-changing trends and the incredible number of choices employees and consumers have when selecting their food options, companies must adapt and grow with the changing landscape.

If you walk into any popular burger place, chances are good you’ll see an “impossible burger” on the menu. This plant-based alternative wasn’t on many menus even one short year ago. Trends have changed, demand has shifted, and the food industry has modernized.

An Adaptable Solution

One way Dependable Break Room Solutions sought to adapt and grow with these changes was in the creation of our own in-house food service, Market Fresh Foods. This afforded us the opportunity to truly meet each of our customer’s needs. Available within our vending machines, micro markets, and pantry service, employees now have more fresh food options. These options can even be tailor-made for each office to accommodate for dietary restrictions.

Vending machines aren’t what they used to be. Micro markets are still going strong. And now with healthy food, clean labels, and good snack alternatives, employees can maintain their dietary lifestyles without extensive food prep at home. Save time and take advantage of the convenience without the guilt. And for those days you can afford just a little guilt…that candy bar will be waiting.

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