Enhance Your Single Serve Coffee Variety With Pod Brewers

Brewing hot beverages by the cup allows employees and guests the largest selection of beverage types and flavors

Give employees and guests what they want! A single-cup office coffee pod brewing system that allows each user to select their own hot beverage type and strength. From dark roast coffee to cappuccino, brewing beverages by the cup offers an unparalleled number of coffee options.

Each cup individually brewed to perfection.

Huge Amount of Delicious Coffee Options

ECO-Friendly Pods

Commercial Pods Cannot be taken home by employees

Dependable’s Pod brewers are the perfect solution to single-serve coffee.  K-cups are extremely hard on the environment, they are more costly, and constantly find their way home to residential brewers.  The Aquabeve pod brewer will solve that problem, while not sacrificing the benefits of single serve coffee.


Aquabeve POD brewer

Eco-friendly PODS at much more cost-effective price. Brews 8, 10, & 12oz cup sizes.
warm coffee

Your Favorite Coffee Flavors

100% Columbian
Donut Shop
French Roast
Columbian Decaf
French Vanilla
Bigelow Earl Grey Tea
Bigelow Green Tea

Get a single cup POD brewer for your office or Break Room