It’s cold out there! Flurries were actually falling in Southern California and a hot cup of coffee had never seemed more enticing. Cold weather always increases the demand for quality coffee in the workplace. Employees expect coffee, but why not exceed their expectations by providing coffee options they will truly look forward to drinking? What are your options? Specifically, are these options Covid-safe? And what about Covid-safe coffee in Orange County?

Coffee Brewers Single Cup

Traditional, commercial, bean-to-cup, single-cup… all are different coffee brewer options to choose from. Dependable Break Room Solutions will help you find the best fit for your workplace needs. How many employees do you have? Are you looking for traditional coffee or specialty coffee options? What options are considered Covid-safe? We can answer all of this and more in order to provide quality coffee services to satiate the thirst of those coffee-loving employees.

Covid-Safe Coffee

What do we mean by Covid-safe coffee? We have all needed to learn how to conduct business differently during this pandemic. From stay-at-home orders requiring more employees to work from home, to following new procedures for essential workers, to making the necessary changes to safely bring employees back into the office or warehouse… many stressful events have required new, innovative ideas. Coffee service, however, should not be one more thing adding to your stress. Here at Dependable Break Room Solutions, we follow strict new procedures to ensure your health and safety. From how we work in our home office/warehouse to how our drivers adhere to strict new Covid-19 procedures, we bring safe services into the workplace. You can have confidence that these services are safe, healthy, and clean. But what about safety beyond that first installation? How can you establish a healthy work environment?

If we may, here are some recommendations… nothing new, but hopefully still helpful. First, place hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of each breakroom, encouraging cleanliness by making it convenient. Next, ask employees to social distance in shared spaces. And then, make a plan to regularly clean the touchpoints on each machine. With minimal touchpoints, our coffee machines already present a limited risk, but regularly disinfecting all surfaces is still recommended. And of course, as we have been hearing over and over for the last year, wash your hands… it’s still the best defense.

Covid-19 doesn’t have to stand in the way of providing great communal coffee service in the workplace, it may just need to be done differently. For even more insight, check out the article, “How Has Covid-19 Changed Office Coffee Consumption?” You may be navigating many challenges, so let us alleviate some of that stress by providing quality coffee your employees will look forward to drinking. For more information on how you can receive Covid-safe coffee in Orange County and the entire Southern California region, contact us at [email protected].

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