As we reach the end of August and head into September, Fall is finally in sight. With the extreme heat of the last couple of weeks, the cooler weather will be a welcome change. When I think about fall I think football, sweaters and scarves, and coffee! Well, who knows what football will look like this year, and with hot weather that seems to extend well into October here in Southern California we will still have the excitement of coffee! The return of pumpkin spice flavors each year is something to celebrate. People look forward to indulging in their other favorite hot beverages in addition to coffee, such as their beloved chai tea latte. Whatever your favorite drink, the time to enjoy it is near! It’s time to start fall’in for coffee again.

As Fall is upon us, start thinking about what kind of hot beverage options to offer in your workplace as the demand soon rises. The National Coffee Association (NCA) conducted a helpful study tracking coffee demand and consumption by generation. The data, found here, can help assist in proper planning for the fall and winter months in the office.

Custom Coffee Solutions

Each workplace has different needs based on budget, the number of employees, your office space, etc. If you are interested in meeting employee demand as it pertains to coffee, Dependable Break Room Solutions offers great options to boost morale through exciting new work perks. We have several options customized to meet your needs in the workplace. Whether you are seeking a traditional coffee maker, bean-to-cup brewer, or single-cup brewers, we have an incredible amount of coffee equipment, products, and flavors to give that coffee-shop experience within your breakroom.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information on our premium coffee service. Your employees will soon be fall’in for coffee from Dependable Break Room Solutions.

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