Want to freshen up your Los Angeles vending and/or micro market selections in Los Angeles? Take a lesson from the chocolate industry and C-stores.
Why? Because in a recent Packaged Foods report, “Chocolate Candy in the U.S.,” published by Puro Research Group, in a time where snack vending machines in Los Angelesconsumers are more and more health conscious, chocolate sales are still rising in C-stores. And here’s why:
Outside Factors
• Cheaper gas is increasing the amount of consumers visiting C-stores
• Dark chocolate is perceived as healthier (why its sales are up by 9%) and why 70% of shoppers will occasionally switch to dark chocolate as an alternative to milk chocolate
Main Factors
• C-Stores are still carrying the traditional favorites (standard candy bar sizes and flavors are still the largest part of the market).
• The chocolate industry is catering to three main needs:
o Portability – conducive to the on-the-go lifestyle of most Americans
o Portion-control /Resealable packaging – helping Americans in their desire to be healthier
o Shareability – Sharing is a means of portion control
• The chocolate industry is also paying attention to top trends, responding to consumer tastes by adding more: dark chocolate, almonds, gourmet salt, coconut and super seeds
According to Jenn Ellek, Senior Director of trade marketing and communications for the National Confectioners Association, “it’s still about having the right core items (most often National brands [think Snickers, Reeses, etc.]) while adjusting to include and feature regional favorites.” In other words, people in Los Angeles are still interested in their favorites but they’re also ready to try something new.
We believe the same is true for your snack and beverage service in Los Angeles. Our promise to you is that we will keep your favorite core items in stock but also pay attention to new trends (both tastes and health concerns), rotating slow movers for new and local items.
For more information on how we can improve your existing snack and beverage service in Los Angeles call Dependable Vending today at 800.785.3803. One of our team members would love to get a better idea of the product that you and your co-workers love while also suggesting some new items that you may want to rotate in to your Los Angeles vending machines and/or micro market.

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