How do you know if a micro market is the break room solution for you and your employees? The developing micro market industry is beginning to take off, so you don’t want to wait on this opportunity. In an article by Avanti Markets called “Is a Micro Market a Good Fit for your Breakroom?”, four factors come into play when deciding if a micro market could be a good fit for your company. What is the basic micro market framework?

First, do you have the space for the equipment? Where you place your micro market is key for allowing room for coolers, the self-checkout kiosk, and shelving. Second, how many employees will be using this facility? On average, 100 employees are needed to allow a successful micro market to flourish. Next, is there a call for more variety among your employees? Providing quick and easy, fresh and healthy food and beverage options may be the key to keeping employees on site. Not to mention helping them be more productive! Finally, improve company morale by providing a designated area for eating, recharging, and even team meetings.

How do these four factors measure up when choosing Dependable Break Room Solutions? Let’s explore!

Is There Space?

We customize successful micro markets for almost any space. By utilizing the space you already have, we’ll fill it with high quality micro market fixtures complete with a self-checkout kiosk. Also, we complete and send a custom mock-up showing what a vending market would look like in your space. Imagine a space filled with coolers and freezers, open shelves and state-of-the-art micro market technology. We not only customize the actual retail market layout, but also customize the retail market fixtures. Prominently display your company name and/or logo and match your current company culture and décor. Make it all your own! Leave the personalization to us and enjoy your new break room makeover.

How Many Employees?

While serving over 100 employees, micro markets provide quality food options for the masses. Dependable Break Room Solutions offers the latest micro market technology ensuring a superior vending market experience. Serving many employees requires maintenance and continual monitoring. Leave it to us! Our services provide all upkeep and continual management. We keep shelves, coolers and freezers consistently stocked. We accomplish this through web-based inventory management. Our self-service kiosks bring an intuitive and user-friendly experience, producing positive retail market experiences with advanced self-checkout technology. And, with secured payment methods, secured kiosks, and a high-tech camera system, we keep theft to a minimum and secure each employee’s payment methods (including mobile payments), making them completely protected and secure. All these details contribute to the success of these retail markets and exist to best serve your many employees.

Need More Product Variety?

Unlike vending machines that are limited to foods and beverages that specifically fit in the vending slots, almost anything fits on an open shelf with this new vending solution. This means more product variety! Anything from healthy food options, to fresh foods, to other kinds of snacks and beverages. Even office coffee! The coolers and freezers along with the shelves can be stocked with all of your favorite fresh and healthy food options. Don’t forget those unhealthy snacks and beverages! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Here at Dependable, we can customize the perfect open-market program from hundreds of products in our warehouse.

Do You Have Break Room Space?

Do you have a designated break room to help your employees rest and recharge? If so, enhance the existing space with this updated vending solution! Dependable Break Room Solutions offers exactly that… break room solutions. It’s more than just an office building, it’s a space to build relationships, care for your mental health, and recharge in order to effectively and efficiently complete the job at hand. Consider how micro markets provide an incredible option for employees, now and for the foreseeable future!

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