We have all had those days… mornings where you rush out the door and forget to grab your lunch. Or, those busy workdays requiring long hours, leaving little time (and energy) for that evening grocery run. These marathon work days often mean short lunch breaks, leaving little time for eating and no time to grab food outside the office. What if we didn’t have to worry about making more time to prepare healthy meals? And, what if great food options were available to you at any time during the workday with onsite dining? Have you thought about options that bring the convenience of vending machines, only with a more robust variety? Enter the micro market, an innovative market concept and a new vending solution! Micro markets are taking over and quickly becoming the preferred vending option. Let’s explore why!

The Benefits

Micro markets offer a number of amazing benefits including: more product variety, healthy fresh food options, customizable fixtures, and hassle-free use with a self-checkout kiosk. Going a step beyond traditional vending, open shelving in this market setup doesn’t limit the size of various products as vending machines often do. With the ability to offer even more, retail micro markets effectively provide more substantial options with a robust variety of food. The options available include fresh and healthy meals in addition to the snacks and beverages normally offered within traditional vending machines. While traditional vending offer quick snacks, micro markets offer much more. With a successful micro market in the workplace, these self-checkout kiosks provide all-day snack and meal options. It’s a complete vending solution with onsite dining. So convenient!

Fresh Food Wraps

Aesthetics go a long way. Another reason micro markets are taking over vending machines includes their beautiful presentation within office buildings, warehouses, and other workplaces. Each market setup includes custom fixtures, open shelving, coolers and freezers, and high-tech touch screens with superior security. Each market location provides an inviting environment and seamless experience. No more service calls over items that have gotten stuck in those enclosed machines! For an unattended retail space, it’s truly hassle-free. 

Technology and Safety

What about payment options? Unattended retail markets mean self-checkout technology and cashless payment systems. These include payment solutions such as mobile payments and card readers. Advanced micro market technology makes this process quick and easy. Even more important than a user-friendly experience is your security through secured cashless payments. These retail micro markets safeguard your credit or debit card information after each transaction. Rest assured that each interaction in this retail space will be financially secure.

What about food safety? Wouldn’t refrigerated, fresh and healthy options spoil if the coolers and freezers aren’t used properly? What if the doors aren’t closed all the way or even propped open somehow? While this can all happen, Dependable offers advanced micro market technology that helps ensure the health and wellness of our retail market users. High tech sensors track if and when freezers drop below a certain temperature making certain food items vulnerable to spoiling. These items then become unavailable for purchase at checkout. What a great safety feature! With web-based inventory management, these items are then replaced in a timely manner so they are not unavailable in the vending market for long. 

Market Operators

Although vending machines still serve an important purpose, micro markets are quickly becoming the more desirable market concept. Check out this article for more insight into the differences between micro markets and traditional vending and why micro markets are taking over. But, to learn even more about Dependable’s micro market services, contact us at [email protected]. Find the right market operator for you! Micro market solutions and services may vary between micro market providers. Market customers should research each micro market operator and learn about the variety of food offered, customer service and support supplied, technology used, customization potential, and all-in micro market solution cost. Furthermore, we would love to answer any questions you have as you research options. In conclusion, bring convenience to the workplace and provide meals and snacks through corporate dining for those long, busy days. Upgrade the employee experience and improve your break room today!

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