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For many business owners, managers, or even human resource professionals, kick-starting break room solutions may seem like a daunting task, thinking of all the vendors you’ll contact to get your break room running at its full potential. Luckily, setting up your break room solutions has never been easier. Dependable Break Room Solutions has been assisting the Inland Empire since 1979, providing customers with the latest products on the market and reliable services. Regardless of how large or complex your breakroom needs may be, our professionals are dedicated to helping you narrow your choices while finding the best breakroom solutions available. We offer various breakroom services such as office coffee, ice machines, water filtration, pantry service, vending machines, and micro-markets, which can contribute to a better breakroom experience for you and/or your employees. Let’s review a few of the break room solutions we offer and how they can help improve your breakroom.

Office Coffee Service

At office coffee service, we understand that having access to great-tasting beverages is essential for keeping your employees happy. That’s why we are committed to providing office break rooms with the highest standards of quality and convenience. We source the best products from Gavina, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Tea Leaf, and Peet’s for office coffee sustenance — so everyone can enjoy their favorite wake-me-up in the morning or well-deserved midday pick-me-up. And because we don’t want your break room solution interrupted, our reliable brewing equipment maintenance plan ensures any challenges can be taken care of quickly and easily. For those days when you need a less stimulating sip, there’s always Lipton or Bigelow tea blend to enjoy.

Ice Machines & Water Filtration

At Dependable Break Room Solutions, we can ensure you always have access to cold drinks and great-tasting water with our ice machines and water filtration services. We provide installation of water filtration systems so that you can make sure your employees always have access to clean drinking water throughout their workday. Whether you need an ice machine rental or purchase, our team will work with you to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Pantry Service & Vending Machines

We offer convenient vending machines filled with healthy snacks and refreshments that suit all tastes and dietary restrictions – perfect for busy employees who don’t have time for a complete meal during breaks or lunchtimes. Additionally, we provide pantry service stocked with pre-made meals, fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, snacks, and other items that can be quickly heated up in a microwave oven or eaten on the go.

Micro Markets

A micro market is a perfect solution for companies looking to provide their employees with a greater variety of snacks, drinks, and lunch options. Micro markets are essentially mini convenience stores stocked with an extensive range of products that can please any palate – from salads, sandwiches and wraps to juices, sodas, and sports drinks. Not to mention, micro markets enable your staff to help themselves quickly and efficiently when they need a midday snack or lunch in between meetings, making it easy to satisfy the needs of happy employees and making them perfect for larger offices wishing to give their staff more variety when it comes to break room solutions.

If you’re looking for break room solutions tailored specifically to your business needs, look no further than Dependable Break Room Solutions! With over 40 years in the industry providing Inland Empire businesses with quality office coffee services; ice machines; water filtration; pantry service; vending machines; and micro markets – there isn’t a better choice when finding everything you need in one place! Contact us today, and let us show you how easy it is to get all the services needed from one vendor – Dependable Break Room Solutions!

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